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Beau Coops Romance Born Boots Collection 2016

I'm feeling the autumn chill and if there is one thing that Autumn makes me think of, it's boots. These AMAZING Italian made boots by Beau Coops are more artwork than footwear and their mod 60's vibe will see you teeming them with mini skirts and high necked tops (dare I say skivvies?) as the cooler weather sets in...

Monday, December 21, 2015

Trending Now - The New Boho Hippy - Guest Post By Peter Minkoff

Today we have a guest post from Peter Minkoff who will be chatting about one of my fave styles - modern boho hippy.

 is a beauty and fashion editor for 
HighStyleLife magazine from Australia. After graduating at Australian Institute of Creative Design he worked as a freelance fashion stylist for many fashion events in Australia and United Kingdom. Beside fashion, he loves to practice yoga, cook exotic meals and travel around exotic destinations. His future plans are in creating his personal blog about fashion and style advising. Follow Peter at Facebook and Twitter.


Emma xx

Trending Now - The New Boho Hippy

The romantic era of the 70’s fashion was indeed all about freedom of spirit, eclectic looks, a wide range of colours and a tendency to pair up different styles. This hippie trend, in combination with bohemian chic, is something that is very popular in the fashion industry, even nowadays. Boho-chic, gypsy and hippie vibes really became a part of the mainstream, and now you will find out why.

The Fusion of Boho and Hippie

The Fusion of Boho and Hippie.jpg

Boho chic is closely related to nature, and it perfectly depicts the gypsy lifestyle and their freedom of mind. Detailed embroidery, floaty clothes and remarkable jewellery are just some of the characteristics of this inspirational style. On the other hand, hippie culture is something that was groundbreaking back in the 70’s, with its wide range of colours, geometric cuts and a big diversity in fabrics – and not to mention ethnic patterns and fringing. Mixing these two styles which are different but somehow very similar led to creating a whole new trend in the fashion industry – Boho Hippie. It is a perfectly balanced combination of gypsy lifestyle and hippie spirit.

Boho Hippie in the World of Fashion

Boho Hippie in the World of Fashion.jpg
Many people consider the 70’s to be a decade of a bad taste. Despite that fact, they are definitely the most vibrant decade in the history of fashion. This is exactly why the most influential designers draw their inspiration from this period relying on the recognisable shapes, colours and materials. Roberto Cavalli, Jean Paul Gaultier and Emilio Pucci are just some of the designers who embraced maxi skirts and dresses made of fine materials. An outstanding embroidery and luxurious fur also play an important role in their collections.

How to Achieve This Look?

How to Achieve This Look.jpg
A mixture of belled sleeves, flared pants and wildly patterned caftans with gladiator sandals, scarves and fringed leather is definitely a win-win scenario when it comes to this trend. Focus is on floaty clothes that allow your body to move freely. Of course, tie-dye is one of the essential elements of this timeless trend, and it can be found on literally each piece of clothing you can possibly imagine. For example, choosing a vibrant bathing suit with this amazing print will be perfect if you want to keep up with this trend. Just wait for an upcoming swimwear sale and get this amazing piece for yourself. Also, experimenting with extraordinary patterns and prints is highly recommended. In that case, you makeup should stay as neutral as possible, whereas natural waves in your hair will give a touch of glamour to your look.

Celebrities Wearing Boho Hippie

Celebrities Wearing Boho Hippie.jpg
Celebrities love wearing outfits inspired by boho hippie glam. Kylie Jenner wearing floral print floor-length skirt with a grey crop top showed that even a basic look can look chic, even though many would say that it was boring. Olivia Palermo rocked her lace maxi dress paired up with an amazing scarf, while Olsen sisters rocked the red carpet look in their 70’s hippie inspired outfits.  Of course, it is very important to mention celebrities who introduced this amazing trend to the world. They are Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Kendall Jenner, who managed to look stunning in peasant blouses, flared pants and leather jackets accessorised with fringes and tassels.

As you can see, this trend really caught on in the fashion industry. It is definitely very inspirational, and allows playing with fabrics, patterns and colours. Many people would agree that it is actually a state of mind, rather than just a trend that will fade away sooner or later. No matter what you think about it, you have to admit that it remained popular through the history for a good reason.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

2015 French Riviera Inspired Swimsuit Edit

2015 French Riviera Inspired Swimsuit Edit

Solid & Striped - The Anne-Marie Striped Swimsuit $176
She Made Me - Crochet Cotton Bikini $246
Orlebar Brown - Almada Nice One Piece $367

Lisa Marie Fernandez - The Genevieve Stretch-terry Bikini $401
ACK - Racerback Swimsuit $334
Lisa Marie Fernandes - Sailor Bon Two Piece $499

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Hunting For George September 2015


Some of the latest goodies from Hunting For George...

 Hunting For George Oliver Bed
 Hunting For George Oliver Bed $1,399

Milk & Sugar Dorris Stool
Milk & Sugar Dorris Stool $129.95

Milk & Sugar Oscar Concrete Table Lamp
Milk & Sugar Oscar Concrete Table Lamp $129.95

Milk & Sugar Finn Concrete Pendants
Milk & Sugar Finn Concrete Pendants $99
Uashmama Paper Bag Metallic Rose
Uashmama Paper Bag Metallic Rose $28

Found Goods Market Copper Canister Candle
Found Goods Market Copper Canister Candle $55

Hunting For George Tan Leather Cushion
Hunting For George Tan Leather Cushion $299

Hunting For George Mr & Mrs Smith Quilt Set Double
Hunting For George Mr & Mrs Smith Quilt Set Double $199

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Health Benefits of Fresh Flowers

Does having fresh flowers and plants in home your home reduce stress levels and promote wellbeing?

I am one of those people who always has to have a bunch of fresh flowers or greenery in my home. It makes me happy. I buy myself flowers more often than I buy new clothes.

I know that nature is meant to make us more relaxed, so bringing some into our homes would have the same effect, right?

Interestingly, I came across several studies which indicated that flowers and foliage certainly do have a physiological effect on our wellbeing.

One study had participants rate their feelings upon entering a room with flowers, foliage or no plants and found that confidence, composure and relaxation all improved in the room with the flowers. Interestingly a proportion of participants reported feeling "annoyed" with deep pink and red flowers, but calm in a room with green foliage, with green foliage having a more positive effect on males, and flowers a more positive effect on females.

A Japanese study discussed the effects of scented roses in reducing cortisol and adrenaline, having a direct impact on stress levels, while dampening down the sympathetic nervous system and promoting the parasympathetic nervous system - promoting "rest & digest" activity, rather than "fight or flight".

American researcher, Kaplan, conducted a series of studies showing the positive impact of nature in reducing stress related fatigue and how this could be used therapeutically, as well as suggesting flowers and foliage in the workplace may be a cost-effective way to promote productivity, especially where it is not possible for windows to look out on scenes of nature which is the case in most situations. In saying that, this could certainly be applied to many living situations as well.

We naturally use flowers and plants in situations to convey feelings and promote wellbeing - in hospitals to break up the sterility and wish the patient to get well, as a house warming gift and in our own homes, especially when expecting visitors, to promote ambience and comfort. I always make a point of having fresh flowers in my guest room when visitors are staying and it is very important to me to have fresh flowers and plants in my place of business. I'm always surprised how often people tell me that flowers here make them feel "happy". Enough to ensure it's a priority.

Flowers and plants are not just gifts for others. If your space isn't looking very green then jump over to (sign up for 10% off your first order and they deliver flowers in Sydney and other cities) and get yourself a bunch of roses or a beautiful orchid and notice the positive effects a little nature in your space can have on your health and wellbeing. It costs less and is easier to maintain than having a garden full of flowers (if you have both, you’re blessed!) and can be changed up and moved around as you need, doubling as the perfect styling piece!

*This post was proudly sponsored by Fresh Flowers. 
The content and opinions are 100% my own

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

For Tea Connoisseurs - Madame Flavour Gourmet Pyramid Tea Bags

For Tea Connoisseurs - Madame Flavour Gourmet Pyramid Tea Bags

Firstly, this is not a paid post.

I get loads of offers to sample or write about products, most which I kindly decline. 
I do love my teas however, and when I received an email from Madame Flavour I agreed to try a sample, not expecting to be particularly blown away. 

The first thing I noticed was the attention to detail. 
Beautifully packaged, the delight starts as soon as you open the box - the glint of gold (a bit Willy Wonka-ish) with  a little letter printed onto quality textured paper that explains the story behind the teas, created with love and passion that comes across before you have even boiled the kettle.

The teabags are little silken pyramids that puff up to allow the leaves within room to breathe and steep, so you get that loose leaf flavour.

I'm an Earl Grey fan, and I have to say the "Classic Grey Deluxe" is stunning - 

"smooth Ceylon and Assam teas, a pinch of Australian lemon myrtle and a sprinkling of lavender flowers " 
a beautiful aussie twist that I will have to buy more of because my sample box disappeared way too quickly.

The "Luscious Licorice Tisane" and "Cheerful Raspberry Hibiscus Tisane" are also winners in my book (don't you love the word tisane?).  

The latest additions to the range are the "tea treats", designed for when you crave something a little sweet without being naughty, such as the Orange-Choc Ceylon with cocoa bean pieces, orange peel and a "restrained sprinkling of European dark chocolate drops", perfect for that afternoon slump.

So I tip my hat to the marketing team - you have me sold and I am sharing because I love your product, I would even give them as a gift and you can get them in Woolworths and Coles, so treat yourself next time you are shopping. Make sure you get out your favourite tea cup and lock the kids in a cupboard for half an hour, because you deserve it ;)

Emma xx

(oh and the website is pretty darn cute -