Friday, December 31, 2010

Out With The Old, In With The You Know What...

Another year has been wonderfully lived and thoughts today are with clearing the not-so-needed or not-so-loved   from our home in order to make room for a more beautiful, less cluttering and possibly more mature space. Starting with our living room; a long, narrow room with high ceiling and old floorboards that overlooks the sea. Sounds romantic doesn't it? The length and narrowness however proves difficult to fit in furniture so we have decided to go for a new corner lounge, a TV we can mount to the wall to get rid of the chunky TV cabinet and open up the space, and some slim bookcases for books of course as well as CDs and storage baskets, keeping our old round dining table at which I made an attempt some time ago to paint white and sand back to look distressed. Currently this room is bright avocado green which is deliciously edible during the day but turns an awful lime green at night. When it comes to colour, subtlety is not my strong point, however over the last year I have fallen in love with the gentle hues of whites and soft dusty pastels from blogs such as Dreamy Whites and A Beach Cottage with their reclaimed shabby chic vintage furniture finds, textures fabrics and quirky accessories and have learnt that minimisation or muting of the bigger things in a room such as walls and large pieces of furniture lends more room to adding in quirky accents and colours that are more readily noticed and apparent than in my currently cluttered cloister. Amazingly I am looking at paint colours in different shades of white or the palest of the blues and greens for my backdrop. We have bought a new lounge that is divinely soft in colour and cushioning which should be arriving in Feb so now is the time to plan the rest. Inspiration is stemming from old beach cottages, shabby chic and french country.

marie claire maison tropical living room

This room is long and narrow like ours with the windows in the same position. Our lounge will go the opposite  way around however due to our front door being on the left hand side.

I love the colours and textures here. I was given a couple of turquoise ball mason jars from my clever sister as a wedding gift that will definitely be going in this room.

This is our new lounge, The Bilson, from the Domayne catalogue. We have also ordered the Ottoman.

I would love to get some prints like this one by MarcoLaGrenouille, nautical but not too naff. This could be a colour inspiration palate on its own.

Love the colours here, especially the corner unit.


More French farmhouse. 
Ok I am moving away from lounge rooms now but you get the drift. 
Love this, possibly because of the minimalism.

An while I'm at it, may as well include bathrooms for my future dreamhouse...

Have a Wonderful (i.e. full of WONDER) New Years Eve!
Reflect on what you have accomplished and learn't this year and put out your hopes and dreams for the year to come. you'll be amazed of what you can receive if only you ask :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Friends of Couture

I've just discovered gorgeous Melbourne based vintage inspired clothing label Friends of Couture at our local little Kingscliff boutique store Raggedy Anne (not all of the styles below are available at Raggedy Anne). Their  high summer collection is called Birds of a Feather claims to be based around "classic American midwest themes" hence the cute names.

Cornsilk and Moonshine Dress Navy

Louisiana Lovely Dress

Roman Holiday Dress

Clear Skies Blouse

Come Fly With Me Pink

Kiss Me in Kansas Pencil Skirt

Friday, December 10, 2010

Eveline Tarunadjaja

Another Aussie artist I am in love with. See her site for more of her creations and her shop. Isn't she just divine?