Friday, December 2, 2011

Sleepy Bedroom Inspiration

While I am busy getting the nursery done up for the arrival of our little friend in March, thoughts have turned to our bedroom. It really needs a revamp and for what better reason than to create a peaceful space to catch every little wink we can next year. I have always wanted a white room somewhere in the house and our room is a little small and can be quite dark but has lovely high wooden panel ceilings and wooden floors, both of which I will paint white, our furniture is dark wood (which I am tempted to sand and paint but think I will be pushing it) and I want to cover the bed in beautiful linens and a chest of drawers in collections of glass bottles and mirrors, sort of pretty and boudoir-ish. You can see the ocean from our window so I think the white will invite the view in more with the colours of the sea mimicked in the linens and throws with a bit of soft pink or lavender thrown in for contrast. Here are some pretty pictures that have given me some inspiration...

Traditional-Bed-Linens-from-Aura-by-Tracie-Ellis.jpg (611×600)

I wish I has these windows! These textiles are aussie designed -

bed8.JPG (712×597)

These are the sort of colours I has in mind - white walls, our furniture is dark wood, and soft dusty blues, teals and sea turquoise....

ten1.jpg (940×575)

shabbychic07.jpg (400×500)

I love Laura Ashwells shabby chic bedrooms, all white with soft pink, blue and lavender textiles strewn about messily so you get a delicious contrast of texture and colour on a bed that you just want to jump onto. I'm not a fan of hospital corners...

yves-delorme-venise-bed-linens.jpg (468×552)

Love the frechy- boudoiresque feel of this room with the little glass bottles, the details on the walls and luxury linens that touch the floor...

home_bedroom.jpg (657×504)

Dreamy whites...

Minimalist-Tuscan-Bedroom-Style.jpg (500×375)

This is my bedroom in the Tuscan villa I intend to purchase when I win lotto...

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dreaming of a Seaside Retreat

Hi, I'm Susi, a blogger for Design Shuffle, a site that promotes designers and their work from around the world. I'm lucky enough to get to guest blog at some amazing blogs around the world like Chamomile & Peppermint. While we in the Northern Hemisphere are getting ready for winter, you and some of your readers are lucky enough to be enjoying warmer days and summer right around the corner. Here are eight seaside style retreats to inspire you for the upcoming season. Enjoy these dreamy interior designs!

Seaside Retreat

Imagine waking up in this seaside retreat. The gorgeous bedroom opens onto a private veranda or patio. Love the mix of white and grey with a pop of turquoise.

Seaside Retreat

This casual bedroom design would be perfect for a guest room in a seaside retreat. Natural materials, mosquito netting and grasscloth give the room a cool, breezy seaside style.

Seaside Retreat

Seaside retreats and seaside style is all about simple shapes and colors.  Love the oar above the windows as a nod to the water. The trunk provides storage and makes a casual coffee table.

Seaside Retreat

Crisp navy and white are classic colors for a seaside retreat.  Stripes and rattan are popular decorating ideas for seaside spaces. Stripes give the seating a casual vibe in this living room, while the rattan adds even more vintage appeal.

Seaside Retreat

This seaside retreat has an incredible view the moment you open the door. A sense of openness and views of the ocean give this retreat the best of seaside style.

Seaside Retreat

Texture and color abound in this seaside style living room design. Pink and green are a happy tropical color pairing that brings life to a room. Bamboo on furniture and blinds also adds a tropical touch.

Seaside Retreat

The bed in this room is a gorgeous example of seaside style.  A wall of curtains creates a soft counterpoint to the heavy wood of the canopy bed. A light color palette is perfect for seaside bedroom design dreams.

Seaside Retreat

No seaside retreat would be complete without an outdoor living space. This gazebo is a lovely place to dream away an afternoon by the sea.

[ Images 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 ]

Aren't these sea-inspired photos inspiring? Check out Design Shuffle for more great ideas. We have our brand new interior design guide and you can also connect with top interior designers like San Francisco interior designers and more!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Project 1 - The Dress

Ok, so uni is over for the year, wine is not an option,  so what is a girl to do in her spare time?

In our family we start projects, lots of them. 

Unfortunately I am one of those people who comes up with multiple grand ideas, all at once, start each and get nothing finished. 

On the cards at the moment is Princess Bumpy's nursery: a project which is itself comprised of many smaller projects such as sanding back the cot and painting it yellow, lime-washing the floorboards, painting the walls, hanging beautiful curtains made by my gorgeous mother (its genetic, have you seen my sisters blog?), refurbishing an old wardrobe and the fun bits - arranging all the cute stuff. 

There is also all the divine materials I bought upon finding out the Princess Bumpy will be of the greater sex, that I have planned to make pretty baby dresses out of;

painting the ugly hallway white;

helping our chippy friend Chris to build bookcases for the loungeroom; 

oh and the new section of the vege patch. 

But first on the cards was this old doona cover I found in an op-shop for $3 adorned with flowers and peacocks in soft shades of apricot, fawn, peach and olive that I though would make a lovely, big bellied dress.

I (very) roughly based the design on another dress I own that is a kind of adjustable wrap around style that sits above the knee and maxied it.

It was an interesting process as unlike a bought pattern, there are no instructions on how to put this thing together (my expertise in sewing consists of putting my foot on a pedal and straight stitching really fast, oh and I use those cute pearl pin thingys) so it was all a bit of a game of lets go ahead with this and see where we end up. I am pretty happy with the results (although will not let anyone look at my seams) and as long as it holds together it should be able to grow with me.


Friday, September 23, 2011

Beautiful Nursery Inspiration

Ok, so I have a week of uni left for this semester and have been trying not to be 
distracted by surfing for nursery ideas for our new little friend who will be arriving in March. 
But alas, my willpower is weak, and hence - 

This last one is my sisters nursery for our precious princess Izzy. 
I love them all but think I know which colours I am being drawn to...
sigh...back to physiological pathology....

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kling Fashion

Kling is a super cute Spanish label that designs the quirkiest adorable dresses. 
Like so many OS online shops, the prices of the items are really 
reasonable but they hit you up for postage. 
So will someone please start stocking in Australia? 
Pretty, pretty, please?