Friday, September 23, 2011

Beautiful Nursery Inspiration

Ok, so I have a week of uni left for this semester and have been trying not to be 
distracted by surfing for nursery ideas for our new little friend who will be arriving in March. 
But alas, my willpower is weak, and hence - 

This last one is my sisters nursery for our precious princess Izzy. 
I love them all but think I know which colours I am being drawn to...
sigh...back to physiological pathology....

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kling Fashion

Kling is a super cute Spanish label that designs the quirkiest adorable dresses. 
Like so many OS online shops, the prices of the items are really 
reasonable but they hit you up for postage. 
So will someone please start stocking in Australia? 
Pretty, pretty, please?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Garden

We have a garden
a place
of green
and colours not of this world

There are secret spaces here
hidden groves
where one
cannot be seen
unless one chooses
like a leaf
to be uncurled

My lover delves
the soft earth here
he makes things grow
with dirt covered hands
plants a seed,
quenches thirst,
crafts fertile soil
where once was sand

I watch him
hidden from sight
his senses keen,
he stops
and turns
and I am found

As day meets night
he meets I
on grass as soft
as down
he tastes of soil and of salt

We are growing
and creation
is alight
as if by magic
in this garden our ours

- Anon