Friday, November 4, 2011

Project 1 - The Dress

Ok, so uni is over for the year, wine is not an option,  so what is a girl to do in her spare time?

In our family we start projects, lots of them. 

Unfortunately I am one of those people who comes up with multiple grand ideas, all at once, start each and get nothing finished. 

On the cards at the moment is Princess Bumpy's nursery: a project which is itself comprised of many smaller projects such as sanding back the cot and painting it yellow, lime-washing the floorboards, painting the walls, hanging beautiful curtains made by my gorgeous mother (its genetic, have you seen my sisters blog?), refurbishing an old wardrobe and the fun bits - arranging all the cute stuff. 

There is also all the divine materials I bought upon finding out the Princess Bumpy will be of the greater sex, that I have planned to make pretty baby dresses out of;

painting the ugly hallway white;

helping our chippy friend Chris to build bookcases for the loungeroom; 

oh and the new section of the vege patch. 

But first on the cards was this old doona cover I found in an op-shop for $3 adorned with flowers and peacocks in soft shades of apricot, fawn, peach and olive that I though would make a lovely, big bellied dress.

I (very) roughly based the design on another dress I own that is a kind of adjustable wrap around style that sits above the knee and maxied it.

It was an interesting process as unlike a bought pattern, there are no instructions on how to put this thing together (my expertise in sewing consists of putting my foot on a pedal and straight stitching really fast, oh and I use those cute pearl pin thingys) so it was all a bit of a game of lets go ahead with this and see where we end up. I am pretty happy with the results (although will not let anyone look at my seams) and as long as it holds together it should be able to grow with me.