Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nesting DIY

Someone asked me the other day if I have started nesting yet. I was about to tell them "I don't think so" when I realised my days have been filled with painting walls, sewing little clothes, baking, cleaning (yes mum, and DIY furniture overhauls. I think this just may constitute as nesting. I plan to makeover a small chest of drawers for Princess Bumpy's room and think I might paint the body and glue paper to the front of the drawers and finish off with cute knobs. Here are the wraps I like so far but am having trouble deciding so I need some help - what do you think? My main colours so far have been pale, dusty vintage blues, yellows and pinks and I was wanting to add a bit of red to take the edge off the pastels however I am going to make a red and white polka dot pendant shade so it needn't include red. I am open to paint colour for the body.

"Blue doily" wrap from Lark

"Red doily" wrap from Lark

"Apples" wrap from Lark

"Blue floral" wrap from Lark

"Belle & Boo" wrap from Pulp Creative Paper

"Tiny Flowers" from Pulp Creative Paper

"Polka" from Pulp Creative Paper

"Large Red Dot" from Inky Co.

"Letters from Paris"  from Inky Co.

"Letters from Paris"  from Inky Co.