Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wedding Dress Inspiration

I'm not sure if it is my brothers upcoming wedding to the beautiful Bree in October, or the looming birth of bubs and related hormones that has made me a little nostalgic about weddings the last couple of days. 

I loved planning a wedding and would like to do it ten times over (with the same groom of course) and do something different each time. I used to always think I would like a really simple dress until I started trying them on and fell in love with the beauty and works of art that wedding dresses really are. I tried on some huge out there dresses for a laugh and absolutely loved them! I gained a new-found respect for the designers of these masterpieces that we wear for one day only. I vowed to wear my dress from time to time post-wedding to watch T.V., cook diner, read a book (a plan which bubs has interrupted for now) but I have not been able to bring myself to hang it away in the wardrobe and so it stands on a dummy in the corner of my bedroom.

I received an email from Etsy this morning showcasing some beautiful wedding dresses that I cannot resist sharing with you. For my next wedding (same groom) I would buy my dress from one of these small scale designers to support these amazing talents with the bonus of owning a dress that is  a one off and not something mass produced. 


Grace Loves Lace


Grace Loves Lace

Ting Bridal


Pure Magnolia Couture

Alexandra Grecco

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

DIY Vintage Inspired Ruffle Baby Bonnet and Dress

Ok so I have caught the sewing bug. I have just finished this little set for our coming arrival based on the tutorial from Lindsay at The Cottage Home for this adorable ruffle bonnet and created a design myself for a matching dress. Jarrod picked out the materials (and didn't he do a good job?) at our local fabric shop, Fantazia Fabricland which has some fantastic fabrics. I also got the adorable yellow polka dot buttons from there, they have the most amazing collection of buttons I have ever seen. Now we just have to wait for the little one to get here so we can play dress ups!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Princess Bumpy's Candyshop Turquoise, Yellow & Pink Nursery

Just over a week now until the arrival of Princess Bumpy and I have added the finishing touches to her room.

I wish I had taken before and after photos because this room was really dark and horrible. We got rid of the rusty old awning over the window, painted the floorboards white, repainted the ceiling and walls (Taubmans 'cosmic rays') and did up some old furniture. The only new item in the room is the little floral moses basket, the rest was all created by family and ourselves.

Come and take a peek!

Nursery Inspiration Girl turquoise yellow pink

Nursery embroidery hoops balloon holly hobby love

Embroidery hoops collected from op shops. The balloons I hand embroidered. 
The 'love' one was given to us by Aunty Bree & Uncle Tom (xxx).

hot air balloon embroidery hoop nursery

The chest of drawers is the last thing to do but will have to wait until later.
I still need to pick a paper out of these to decoupage this unit. 
The little blue suitcase to the left I found in an op-shop for $2. 

dulux precious pink

Found this little cupboard in a council clean-up, sanded and 
re-painted (dulux precious pink).
I just need to get some little handles and some dowel to make a 
rail at the bottom.
Princess babushka dolls and framed fairy courtesy of mum.  

nursery inspiration girl turquoise yellow pink

Cot was given to us by neighbours and has been passed through several families. 
It was stained and varnished wood so I sanded and painted in gloss British Painted butter yellow. 

yellow cot

yellow cot

Mum handmade this beautiful little patchwork quilt, 
her second only patchwork, the other was for Izzy 
(granddaughter #1) and another is in progress for Sophie 
(granddaughter #2). Each quilt shares 1 or 2 fabrics, 
in this case the pinks are from Izzy's and the turquoise is in Sophie's.  

holly hobby wardrobe

This was an awful old wardrobe with thin, veneer fronts to the doors that was peeling.
I pushed out the veneer leaving the frames, 
stole mums idea of stapling in this sweet Holly Hobby-ish material 
I found at the op-shop for $3, painted it white and bought the handles from e-bay. 
The bird cage I already had.

DIY hot air balloon mobile

DIY hot air balloon mobile

DIY hot air balloon mobile

I made this hot air balloon mobile yesterday that was the missing piece in the room. 
As soon as I hung it up it felt complete.
I am going to post a tutorial for this really easy but gorgeous paper craft. 

DIY wooden change table

Mum and Lucy bought this sturdy old pine change table off ebay for $30, 
sanded, painted and added the material door and cute owl handles  
(check out their site Babushka Girls for more of their projects).
Lanterns were a pressie from Leisa (xxx), 
I believe she got them from Typo.
ABC print came from mum, the change table cushion was a plain plastic 
one that I made a cover for from the same material as the curtains.
It was so quick and easy I will make a few so that you can 
chuck them in the wash and pull out another.

DIY wooden change table

owl knob

The handles on the change table. 

moses basket bird curtains

Mum made these adorable curtains months ago before we 
knew bumpy was a princess and not a prince.
She knew the sort of colours I liked but they were almost 
the starting point for the rest of the room.
The moses basket is the only thing we have bought brand new besides 
the car seat and pram (which was a generous gift from Queen Granny Shazzy).

Some of the adorable clothes we have been given I cannot bear to put in the 
cupboard and they look so cute on display. 
I plan to change them often as we have been given so many 
pretty items by so many generous friends.

Catherine Campbell print on her door.

vintage golden books nursery

Vintage golden books from Gabby & Clara xxx

DIY covered light switch

Light switch cover was old and filthy, wrapped some nice 
paper around and popped it back on the wall.


This beautiful blanket/mat was given to us by mum and made by a little old 
lady at the hospital she works at. Princess B. will love to roll around on this.

I can't wait to show her this special space that we have made for her with so much love!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

DIY Embroidered Valentines Day Card Idea

I actually made this card for Jarrod's Birthday tomorrow but thought it might be a good idea for a Valentines Day card for that special someone for those in the mood to get a little creative. Start with some card, embroidery thread, a large needle and search google images for a simple image you may like to use (or draw your own if you have the gift). Draw your image onto the card and start to sew! I pop little holes along the lines from the front so I know where to come in when coming from the back. I seem to remember doing this in preschool actually (with big plastic needles), that's how simple it is, but cute don't you think?

DIY Embroidered Valentines Day Card Idea

DIY Embroidered Valentines Day Card Idea

DIY Embroidered Valentines Day Card Idea

DIY Embroidered Valentines Day Card Idea

DIY Embroidered Valentines Day Card Idea