Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wedding Dress Inspiration

I'm not sure if it is my brothers upcoming wedding to the beautiful Bree in October, or the looming birth of bubs and related hormones that has made me a little nostalgic about weddings the last couple of days. 

I loved planning a wedding and would like to do it ten times over (with the same groom of course) and do something different each time. I used to always think I would like a really simple dress until I started trying them on and fell in love with the beauty and works of art that wedding dresses really are. I tried on some huge out there dresses for a laugh and absolutely loved them! I gained a new-found respect for the designers of these masterpieces that we wear for one day only. I vowed to wear my dress from time to time post-wedding to watch T.V., cook diner, read a book (a plan which bubs has interrupted for now) but I have not been able to bring myself to hang it away in the wardrobe and so it stands on a dummy in the corner of my bedroom.

I received an email from Etsy this morning showcasing some beautiful wedding dresses that I cannot resist sharing with you. For my next wedding (same groom) I would buy my dress from one of these small scale designers to support these amazing talents with the bonus of owning a dress that is  a one off and not something mass produced. 


Grace Loves Lace


Grace Loves Lace

Ting Bridal


Pure Magnolia Couture

Alexandra Grecco