Monday, May 14, 2012

Babushka Girls

Yesterday was my first Mothers Day. It got me thinking about my mums recent obsession with babushka dolls, recent due to becoming a grandmother and understanding what it means to see your children create their own children and the addition of another generation. Mum and my sister Lucy (from Indigo Obsession) have started combining their creative talents and started Babushka Dolls, a melting pot of crafty goodness including revamped furniture, cushions, cards, cake toppers and other unique goodies for the home. You can find them here and gracing handmade markets in Sydney and the Central Coast. They can also be commissioned to update your own furniture and Lucy can be contacted for her interior design skills if your home needs a make-over. Check them out at Thank you mum for your creative genes and the appreciation of all things beautiful!