Friday, May 31, 2013

Blog Love - HOMEMADE MODERN and their DIY neon concrete furniture

I'm loving the industrial rawness of concrete as a material at the moment, with it trending big time in polished floors, bench tops and hard fittings. I however, I am renting and even if I was not, I do not have the cash that these high end pieces require, and so I spent last night cruising google images for some ideas for smaller scale concrete DIYs.

I came across HomeMade Modern - a site that creators Ben Uyeda and Alice Yang conceived with ideals of creating inexpensive, durable, sustainable and modern furnishings, not for their own profit, but to share with the world in a series of really simple yet really cool DIY tutorials. These sort of concepts awake in me my little anti-consumerism rebel (please ignore the ads on the side of this page so I can have my moment) and with a "f@#k yeah!" I'm off to my local large chain Australian hardware store to get me some concrete, a bucket and some dowel - I will keep you posted on the results.

Here is some of their amazingness -

The $5 Bucket Stool Tutorial

Concrete Pendant Lamp Tutorial

Wood + Iron Pipe Leg Table Tutorial

Concrete Planter Tutorial

Wine bottle desk top planter tutorial

(Pictures used with permission of Ben Uyeda)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Guest Post - DIY IDEAS - By Shahab Shokouhi from Dulles Glass & Mirror

DIY Wooden Pallet Coffee Table (via)

DIY projects are a great for both cost-cutting and creating something unique. With the wealth of information online at our finger-tips, DIY projects are even ideal for novices. If you’re more visual, one of the fastest growing sections of videos on YouTube are DIY/how-to/tutorials.

This first example is a great DIY starter project for creating a unique custom table by transforming a wooden pallet into a coffee table.

There are many iterations of this project using paint and wheels on the bottom, but this is the first time I saw the table also doubling as a magazine rack, under the glass surface. The glass for the coffee table can be easily ordered online at a glass and mirror store website.

DIY Mason Jar Vases (via)

Mason jars are a highly utilized DIY tool. Great for making DIY vases, table-settings, and light fixtures –they’re especially easy to custom-color with the use of food-coloring, water and modge podge. This example is a table setting made from a mason jar, dyed blue.

DIY Glass Skateboard Table (via)

If you’re looking for a project to do with the kids, this is a great example of a DIY glass table top made from two skateboards – turned into a table stand with a rectangle glass table top.

DIY Chalkboard Painted Table (via)

Another popular DIY tool is “chalkboard paint.” Turn your table into a chalkboard and leave messages for the family. I have also seen the same chalkboard paint used on cabinet doors, drawers (with what is inside, labeled on the outside), and even a full-sized wall calendar painted with chalkboard paint. This is also a great example of “functional d├ęcor.”

DIY Wood Glass Table Top (via)

If you’re looking for more of a natural look to your living room and you want to “go green,” here’s a DIY wood glass table top. As mentioned earlier, glass table tops are easily custom-ordered online, and any dried-out wood will work for a base!


About the Author

Shahab Shokouhi is a glass design expert at, an innovative manufacturer of glass table tops, glass shelves, and all other glass and mirror products. Follow Dulles Glass and Mirror on Pinterest or on YouTube to see how they’re changing the way glass products are manufactured, customized and delivered.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Newspaper 2 NEWpaper - an upcycling design project by Nicola Goldie crowdfunded on Pozible

I love the thought of trying to support small creatives in the handmade revolution, to avoid mass produced and embrace the quirky, the original, and the people who follow their imaginations in trying to make a go of it.

NEWSPAPER 2 NEWPAPER is a venture by graphic designer and queenslander Nicola Goldie.

She is upcycling old newspapers into beautifully screen printed wrapping paper, but she needs some help funding the project. She is using the crowdfunding platform Pozible, an amazing Aussie created community-building tool for creative projects and ideas where likeminded creatives can help each other out with projects by pledging money in return for a piece of the pie, so to speak. In Nicola's case, pledges to fund her project range from a $5 pledge which in return you will receive $5 off your first purchase at newspaper2newspaper on, a $10 pledge gets you 5 random sheets of hand screen printed wrapping paper from her range of gorgeous designs, and so on, up to a $500 pledge which scores you a private screen printing class for you and four friends.

There are so many aspects to this story that I find inspiring - that people are working together to support each others dreams, that it goes to show you may not need a huge amount of money or owe money to the banks to start something great, that creativity is being encouraged and assisted by total strangers, that the people who started Pozible even came up with such an idea in the first place. Not to mention Nicolas ideas for marginalised community employment and enrichment (read her story below) and so if you can help, please do, its a great thing to be a part of.

Here is some information about newspaper 2 NEWpaper and Nicola taken from her Pozible pledge page   - 

"About Nicola:
Nicola has been a digital artist for over 10 years and also run her own successful Printing/signwriting business for 6 years. 

The Project:  
"NEWSPAPER 2 NEWPAPER" is a new project that is focused not only on recycling, but "UP-cycling". 
By screen printing graphically intricate designs in beautiful ink colours over old newsprint... the result is "Newpaper" suitable for wrapping paper and crafts. We're not talking dull old boring paper... we're talking about high quality, professionally designed prints that can be resold in boutique stores that recycles a HUGE area of waste in our community.  
****IMPORTANT NOTE**** All of our inks used in the printing process are also ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, and our processes use "Man power" instead of machinery, making the entire project "Carbon Neutral". 

The reactions to "NEWSPAPER 2 NEWPAPER" have already been fantastic. Trials have been done at markets and on and there is definitely room for expansion in this market. This product fits in extremely well with the 18-45 demographic and the fast growing "HANDMADE" following seen across Australia and the world. 

The Budget:
This project has only one thing holding it back. The production of the silk screens, which are used to print the paper. I currently use small re-usable screens, on which the designs are applied, but at the end of each print run, the design has to be removed from the screen and discarded. The funding for this project would be used to purchase large Aluminuim screens with our intricate designs already permanently "burned" to them. Each aluminium screen with the design imprinted onto it costs $80. Our goal is to have 6 screens made with our 6 most popular designs, which are ready to go! 
I have already invested the inks, the workspace, the time in creating the designs, and plenty of test marketing and free givaways... but now I've hit a wall. To make "NEWSPAPER 2 NEWPAPER" a widely available brand and see it making a real impact on the environment... I need the infastructure.

Our long term goal is to not only get community involvement but also employ people who may have difficulty finding work due to having been in jail, or simply due to lack of education. The heart of this project is community. I run community print workshops, that are always a real joy. Every single person leaves the workshop happy with what they have accomplished. Screen printing is a very accessible craft and always creates great interest.

The nature the equipment used in this project makes it possible to setup a mobile workshop. I intend on setting up in different locations such as outback communities, as part of a community enrichment program.

We will be investing in some special inks like Gold and silver, and all our supporters will receive their prints in a limited edition GOLD!

As an interesting sideline, the screens that I would be purchasing can also be used to print the designs onto fabric. There is an opportunity to expand this branding to reprint new beautiful designs onto old discarded fabrics... once again transforming it (upcycling it) into new and usable fabric."

Click here to go to Nicolas pledge page