Friday, May 31, 2013

Blog Love - HOMEMADE MODERN and their DIY neon concrete furniture

I'm loving the industrial rawness of concrete as a material at the moment, with it trending big time in polished floors, bench tops and hard fittings. I however, I am renting and even if I was not, I do not have the cash that these high end pieces require, and so I spent last night cruising google images for some ideas for smaller scale concrete DIYs.

I came across HomeMade Modern - a site that creators Ben Uyeda and Alice Yang conceived with ideals of creating inexpensive, durable, sustainable and modern furnishings, not for their own profit, but to share with the world in a series of really simple yet really cool DIY tutorials. These sort of concepts awake in me my little anti-consumerism rebel (please ignore the ads on the side of this page so I can have my moment) and with a "f@#k yeah!" I'm off to my local large chain Australian hardware store to get me some concrete, a bucket and some dowel - I will keep you posted on the results.

Here is some of their amazingness -

The $5 Bucket Stool Tutorial

Concrete Pendant Lamp Tutorial

Wood + Iron Pipe Leg Table Tutorial

Concrete Planter Tutorial

Wine bottle desk top planter tutorial

(Pictures used with permission of Ben Uyeda)