Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dishes in Drawers

I am one of the lucky generation. I married a man who is hands on with our daughter and who doesn’t mind changing a nappy. I married a man (the same man by the way) who is happy when I chase my dreams and that I have my own ambitions. And the one that causes women of much older generations to cry “he’s a keeper, that one!” – I married a man who cleans more than I do. He still drinks beer, has big muscles and a firm handshake (apparently in alpha male man-land this is a very important trait), he just “can’t relax” in a messy space.  Now I’m certainly no domestic goddess, in fact the other week I was rightly accused of not pulling my weight and taking my lovely husband for granted in the housekeeping department! My how times have changed. My solution? Let’s get a dishwasher – a Fisher & Paykel dishwasher.

Fisher and & Paykel dishdrawer
Now I must tell you I have been approached by Fisher & Paykel to ask if I would write about their dishwashers and had I not liked them, I would not have. However I think these just look damn good. In fact they have won several awards for their DishdrawerTM designs and were the first to come up with the idea of hiding what is a practical, but often ugly, appliance inline with existing cabinetry and drawers.

They come in an assortment of widths, heights, colours and single or double options so they can be easily worked into your space or suited to your household. A couple living in a small apartment who don’t need a huge dishwasher or just don’t have the space can install a small single DishdrawerTM and a larger family can install a wider, double DishdrawerTMI also think they are a great idea for the ageing population not to have to bend down so low, seeing as most of the them don't have a warm-blooded if somewhat neglected dishwasher of their own.

Take a look at the range here

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Fisher and & Paykel dishdrawer

Fisher and & Paykel dishdrawer

Fisher and & Paykel dishdrawer

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