Friday, July 26, 2013

Small Kitchen Renovation Tips

When it comes to home renovation, it’s not always possible to go out or up to create huge open spaces as seen in most of the glossy magazines. A lack of space however, does not need to impact negatively on style and practicality.

Space constraints just mean you have to be savvier. The latest hot designers focus on how to increase storage and double up on functionality within a small space with so many people living in apartments and flats, especially in the bigger cities.

Kitchen renovations can be tricky due to the checklist of items we deem necessary to include – the standard fridges, sinks, stoves, and dishwashers all take up so much room, not to mention bench space and cupboards unless you plan to eat out every night. What’s more is that these things are often supersized to serve the nuclear family when in reality there are fewer per head, per household when it comes to smaller living spaces.

You can renovate your existing space without having to forgo the conveniences that make your life simple and clean, giving you more time to enjoy the fruits of your labor and the company of those you share it with!

Some tips for creating a great kitchen in a small space include

  • Opt for space savvy appliances - Fisher & Paykel are one brand who have been “thinking outside of the triangle” when it comes to modern space saving design. Install a smaller dishwasher into existing cabinetry such as the space saving Fisher & Paykel DishdrawerTM. Options include single, wide or double DishdrawersTM. A dishwasher like this will also spare dish pile-up clutter, out of sight out of mind! They have also designed the CooldrawerTM – a fridge or freezer that can be changed to suit at the touch of a button and integrated into drawer space. Check out their site for the latest in innovative appliances (and their amazing food blog!)

  • Go Light – going for light finishes and paint colours gives an illusion of space. White is classic and reflective materials refract light to give an illusion of space. Clever lighting above and under shelving can also create a sense of roominess. 

  • Make use of cupboard and drawer space – take your wall cupboards up as high as you can reach and use drawers for lower storage to make use of void space at the back of cupboards that is often wasted. 

  • Use your imagination - Bench and storage space can be cleverly created out of freestanding furniture; simple open shelving doubles as storage and a display feature; search out innovative and aesthetically appealing features – kitchens are somewhere to be enjoyed and shouldn’t be purely functional. Have fun and design something you can be proud of!!

dishdrawer small kitchen white renovation storage

dishdrawer small kitchen white renovation storage

dishdrawer small kitchen white renovation storage

dishdrawer small kitchen white renovation storage

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