Monday, October 7, 2013

A Mummy Blogger Moment...

Experiencing the transition from baby to toddler by a mummy blogger

I have a very independent eighteen month old toddler who wants to walk without holding hands, who won't let me help her put the shapes in the right holes in her toys, who wants to choose her own clothes and lately I've realised that my little baby is no longer a little baby, she's a little girl. This makes me feel both sad and proud at the same time. Those baby days are short and sweet, but emerging personalities are so, so amusing.

This long weekend complete with glorious weather however has been spent inside,  a tummy bug making mums arms the only comfortable place for this hot, quiet little girl of mine. And although I hate seeing her unwell, a part of me has secretly enjoyed this fleeting return to dependence and made me realise that my job as a mother is to wait and watch from the sidelines as she learns to run and grow and learn and fall and make mistakes and cry and that I will always be needed, and always be there for those moments she needs a reassuring cuddle before she is on her way again.

                      Emma xxx