Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Merry Christmas for 2013

It has crept up oh so quietly this year and suddenly sprung upon us, tinsel and tissue paper aplenty. 

This year we celebrated early - 
hubby went away to work yesterday and so our Christmas was celebrated on Saturday. 
A table on the lawn, big umbrella, two Webber's filled with ham and pork and roast veggies radiating heat into the already 32 degree day. 


Champagne, croissants and present opening at 8am lessened the impact. 
Toasted by lunch and on the lounge by 3pm - watching new episodes of Australian "Grand Designs", 
everyone either an expert in architecture or nodding off to sleep. 

I love a lazy Christmas - food, drink, family and laughter. 

With too many cooks in the kitchen to start with but lunch somehow always late (8am champagne doesn't help). Toys and wrapping paper tripping you up and babes starting off in pretty new dresses and ending up under the hose in the nude because its just too damn hot. 
A boxing day of reading new books, swimming in the creek, and grazing on left-overs, fruit cake and cuppa's (and maybe another drink, because it the holidays, you know?). 

This is a snapshot of our Christmas and I love it....what do you do?

                             Emma xxx

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