Saturday, December 28, 2013

Guest Post - Lou's DIY Feather Lampshade Makeover

My friend, Lou, recently got a bit frisky 
with a feather boa and some spray adhesive!


"Now there are many things I like, but two in particular are feather boas and mood lighting. Four years ago I found a way to bring these two together and make it work. Unfortunately, after four years, this DIY needed a replacement. My partner is a bit of a handyman and is doing his own DIY in the middle of our living area. My poor lamp was covered in plaster and saw dust, not to mention four years of household dust! This forced me into grabbing 4 black boas, the can of spray glue, rubber gloves and the lamp in the living room. I was really getting over red and looking forward to going dark. There is one point where it almost looks like a plucked chook! I’m happy with the outcome and now I can bring in a black accent throughout the room. 

Cheers! Lou"