Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hunnah-Lea Tea Dresses

Love feminine vintage frocks? So do I. That's how I came across the lovely Hunnah James and her etsy shop Hunnah-Lea. To look at, you would think her beautiful tea dresses were created in countryside England, not a little island off the coast of Northern Australia! Her dresses are made to order from size 6-18, she takes orders for bridesmaids dresses and ships internationally. Always a sucker for vintage fabrics, I asked Hunnah-Lea if she would answer a few questions about herself and her creations....

Hunnah-Lea Tea Dress Bridesmaid

Tell us a little about yourself and what you make...

My name is Hunnah-Lea and I live on a little island just off the coast of Northern Australia, with my hubby and 3 beautiful boys. Living in a house full of boys I find it’s very important to hang on to my femininity as much as I can. The label Hunnah-Lea is a vision of all things pretty; I wanted to create a label inspired by vintage shapes and fabrics for all the romantics at heart.

Hunnah-Lea Tea Dress

How did you get into dressmaking?

I started sewing when I was 14. Being 14 I had no money to buy all the beautiful clothes I wanted, so with the help from my mum and our neighbor I started making replicas of things I liked by repurposing fabrics and old clothes from op shops, it really just blossomed from there. When I left school I went onto study at RMIT in Melbourne to refine my skills and learn pattern making and grading. Enabling me to know and make everything from design to final product.

Hunnah-Lea Tea Dress Vintage Fabric

Tell us about the fabrics you use...

I love floral fabric, especially florals from different eras. Finding an amazing vintage sheet still in its pack from the 50’s is like Christmas, they seem to tell their own special little story, making the dress they become just that little bit more special as well.

Hunnah-Lea Tea Dress Vintage Fabric

Who will wear your dresses?

Anyone can wear a Hunnah-Lea dress, that’s the beauty of a humble tea dress, they style suit all shapes, sizes and most ages. 

Hunnah-Lea Tea Dress Vintage Fabric

How would you describe your own fashion style?

I’m not sure I really have my own particular style; it’s more of dress to how I feel that day. Living in such a warm environment I usually opt for summery style dress, like the Polly Petal dress which I love to team with leather belts and bohemian style accessories, but then other days I’ll wear a black t-shirt with a floral skirt ☺ really does depend on my mood.

Hunnah-Lea Knickers Vintage Fabric

Whats going to be happening in 2014?

2014 for Hunnah-Lea is going to be so exciting, Sticking with my floral theme I am just about to release a series of hand painted petal dresses along with some very special pattern ebooks, and hopefully my own digital floral prints. 

Hunnah-Lea tea dress Vintage Fabric

Where can we find Hunnah-Lea creations?
 instagram @hunnahlea

Hunnah-Lea tea dress Vintage Fabric