Sunday, February 16, 2014

Behind The Design - Jacinta from Muskwood Wallpaper and Textiles

Ok lovelies, I am very excited to share my latest discovery with you!

Whilst trawling the internet the other week for something totally irrelevant, I fatefully came across a picture of the most amazing wallpaper. Upon doing a little hunting, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was created by a small Sydney based company called Muskwood. Upon delving deeper on the Muskwood site, I found even more incredible designs than the one I had first stumbled on and thought to myself 'I have got to find out more about these guys' so that I could share them with you.

Muskwood are based in the stunning sea-side hamlet of Palm Beach, Sydney. No wonder inspiration abounds. I got in contact with Jacinta Sullivan, the creative force behind Muskwood and she kindly agreed to answer a few questions....

Muskwood Wallpaper and Textiles

What made you decide to go into wallpaper design?

I was studying Interior Design at Enmore (Sydney Design Centre) and a subject required us to find a used or recycled object and turn it into a wallpaper repeat using Indesign. It was for a design competition with the Power House Muesum. There were 20 designs chosen from our school and mine was one of them. I really enjoyed the whole process and that is where the seed of doing wallpaper design was planted. 
I love interior design, colour, illustration and wallpaper design incorporates all this.

Muskwood Wallpaper and Textiles Australia

How do you describe your designs?

Everything is illuatrated by hand, so the wallpaper designs are more like artworks, rather than just patterns.  I always start the design process with a concept or philosophy that gives meaning to my designs. The environment and other cultures are good sources of inspiration. "Natural Segue" my first collection was used as a concept to encapsulate the indigenous culture and its connections to natural environment. The designs are of a symbolic and spiritual nature and their meanings hope to act as a reminder of time before present.

Muskwood Wallpaper and Textiles Australia - Standing Arrows

Can you let us in on a little about your design background?

My love of drawing started when I was a little girl, and this love affair with the arts and travelling, took me on many adventures all over the globe, allowing my career to venture down many creative paths.   

I have applied my versatility and talents to more than one discipline, including designing and sewing for a fashion label, screen printing and residential styling in California, director of a mid-century modern furniture boutique and studying Interior Design at Sydney Design Centre. All the while, I think I was neglecting my biggest natural talent of Illustrating, because I had grown up with the idea that artists didn't make any money. Since discovering pattern design as a design discipline, I feel like I have finally found the creative direction which encompasses all of my skills and work experience so far. 

Muskwood Wallpaper and Textiles Australia - Birds of Prey

and you'll soon be expanding in textiles?

Yes! I have a few little design products up my sleeve, I am just in the developing stage at the moment. The textiles will be sold per meter and also made into cushions and upholstered one-off pieces of vintage furniture.

Muskwood Wallpaper and Textiles Australia - Neo classical grey

What does your own home look like?

My partner, our dog and I, live in a cottage up in the trees! My backyard is the national park, its very beautiful.
I like to keep my interiors quite minimal with a few select pieces of mid-century furniture, records, persian rugs and one or two pieces of art. The pieces of furniture in our house have all been found in odd places and restored and re-upholstered to their former glory. We also have timber Alaia surfbords and hand planes floating around, as my boyfriend designs and shapes them by hand. 

Muskwood Wallpaper and Textiles Australia - Pheonix

Do you think its important to live in a beautiful and individual space?

Yes, I think its important to start and end your day in a space where you feel inspired, comfortable and secure. On weekends it should be a place where you can invite your friends and family around or just a pleasurable place to hangout in.

Muskwood Wallpaper and Textiles Australia - Chic Chaw

Do you have any decorating tips for our lovely readers?

I dont belive your home has to be worth millions of dollars to be beautiful.
Certain things help; like having a northerly aspect or lots of direct sunlight, lots of windows to create good airflow, clean and natural finishes (eg, concrete or timber floors) and a few pieces of furniture and decorative items which you love (and lots of indoor plants too). Keeping it very minimal helps! 
Colour, textures and pattern are the elements which I think, really express a persons individuality/ style and they could be in the form of cushions, wallpaper, upholstered furniture, rugs, art and lighting.
These decor items, especially wallpaper and rugs, can transform a room in seconds and the great thing is, they are easily removeable and changeable. I think its really cool when you look around your space and everything in there has a story to tell.

Muskwood Wallpaper and Textiles Australia - Native Tongues Feathers

Where can we find Muskwood products?

You can buy directly from the website or in the Muskwood studio in Palm Beach, Sydney.