Friday, February 7, 2014

Behind The Label - Lana Becker from Desvalido Lingerie

Stuck on Valentines Day ideas? I've found the perfect gift. The gorgeous creations at Desvalido Lingerie and handmade one-offs by designer Lana Becker in Newcastle, NSW.

The lovely Lana has had a chat about herself and her label -

Desvalido AU Lingerie - Handmade Couture Lingerie for Australia
My Alter Ego Blue and Gold Silk Soft Cup Negligee $99

- Hi Lana, tell us a little about yourself and your label?

I’m 20 years old, mostly from the Central Coast of NSW. I’m now based in Newcastle, with a diploma of applied fashion design & technology. I started Desvalido while I was still at TAFE, creating one-offs & small dress collections as a bit of fun, now it’s in the phase of becoming a nice business that will hopefully keep me busy enough to avoid a day job! I have too much fun as a lingerie designer, even my days off are spent experimenting in my home studio, so I guess that makes me a workaholic. I’ll always find time for relaxing baths & my fur-babies!

Desvalido AU Lingerie - Handmade Couture Lingerie for Australia
Sleep Bralette | Available in black, beige or pink  $25

- Where does the name come from?

It’s sort of a funny story! I’d been trying to think of something that I felt represented myself & my views on fashion, one day I was translating words into other languages on google & I thought "yes underdog, that’s definitely me!” … Convert that to Spanish = Desvalido … Convert desvalido back to English = destitute… Unfortunately for me I was already in love with the name so it stuck!

Desvalido AU Lingerie - Handmade Couture Lingerie for Australia
My Alter Ego | Gold Silk French Knickers $39

- Can you tell us a little about the different styles?

One thing I love to encourage is trying new things, as opposed to the typical bra & brief set. I have a few little collections out at the moment, my silk range is sort of hardcore-meets-Cinderella. It’s extra special to me because it was my first, & there is a vintage edge you won’t find in a lot of Australian stores, especially the knickers! Then there is my sleepwear range, which I’m still adding to. I wanted to create good looking summer pyjamas instead of singlet tops that make me look like a blob! So it’s basically cute underwear that you can sleep in, comfortably & attractively. The style of that one is very young & playful. My new range is Be Mine, brought out as a little Valentine’s Day treat (this is where trying new things will really come in handy!) I went a little bit bondage with this one, but the beauty of it is that it can be worn so many ways. I feel it’s a transition range for customers that might not have ventured into the world of cup-less bras & sheer underpants, but it’s not as hard to pull off as you’d think- confidence wise. Each item comes in black or white so there are so many different ways you can style them. 

Desvalido AU Lingerie - Handmade Couture Lingerie for Australia
Be Mine | Frame Bra $35

- What sizes do you cater for?

At the moment I cater for ladies size 6 to 16 & from A cups to D cups. I’m hoping to expand as soon as I can learn & perfect those bigger bust sizes, I get asked all the time!

Desvalido AU Lingerie - Handmade Couture Lingerie for Australia
My Alter Ego Silk Push Up Bustier $69

- Why would Desvalido make the perfect Valentines Day gift?

To me, Valentine’s Day was always a celebration of myself & why I am loveable. I often hear customers say “I did not think that would look on me but it did, I’ll take it!”. Desvalido is about feeling confident & looking good, which makes it a gift that a couple can both enjoy in different ways.

Desvalido AU

Desvalido AU Lingerie - Handmade Couture Lingerie for Australia