Monday, February 17, 2014

Home Exteriors - Terracotta Roof Tiles

I spend so much time thinking about house interiors that I forget to ever talk about what's on the outside. Maybe it's being a renter.  I have more control over what I can change on the inside of my home, however I am a total Grand Designs addict and have a folder full of cut-outs of houses I love and so would know exactly what I would choose should I ever build or renovate.

I know colourbond is basically an Aussie icon - but I adore the look of terracotta roof tiles with all the little extra twiddly bits and they way they age - green and alive. Whether it's reminiscent of tuscan style villas, or Australian federation cottages, I think it is such a warm, earthy material to use. Team it with a cottage garden and you have me sold.

The word "terracotta" is actually Italian for "baked earth" and the materials used to make terracotta today is much the same as it has been over thousands of years over many continents.

Perfect for the warm Australian climate, terracotta is slow to warm, keeping a house cooler in summer and it breathes, allowing for fresh air to enter and leave. They are also super durable.

What's your favourite exterior style?

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Monier "Marseille Earth" Terracotta roof tiles - The Block
Image via Monier "The Roofing Specialists" 

Image via Bungalow 5

An Australian Federation Home designed by Ussher & Kemp, built in 1905
Image via Federation Home

Image via Moonlight Rainbow

Australian Federation House with terracotta roof tiles by Monier "The Roofing Specialists" 
Image Via Monier "The Roofing Specialists" 

Terracotta rooftops in Italy
Image via Travel Blog

Janes Delicious Cottage Garden
Image via Garden Drum

For more info on roof tiles in Australia, contact our sponsor, Monier, "The Roofing Specialists".
Their terracotta tiles come with a 50 year performance guarantee.

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