Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Chat with Marissa from The Village Markets

The Village Markets at Burleigh are one of my favourite local markets, especially for unique clothing. Budding  designers, sellers of vintage frocks and quirky homewares creators rub shoulders here and you are always bound to leave with something a little different. Its not all about the clothing on the racks, either. It's a great place to people-watch, as styling is huge with frequenters of TVM. Even the kiddies are working it with the best.

Curious as always, I got in touch with one of the founders of TVM, Marissa, to ask her a few close and personal questions about whats its like from the inside of such a popular cultural haunt -

Who came up with the idea of TVM and how did you go about starting a market?

Myself and Sarah Schoeller had kept in contact after we were made redundant from our marketing positions within a large GC based company. We both had very similar interests and loved the unique market style shopping we'd experienced interstate, but found there were no fashion, vintage and lifestyle focused markets on the Gold Coast. At the time, there was also no regular cultural event/market for locals and visitors to enjoy on the Gold Coast, not only to shop but to meet with friends, enjoy live local music and simply emerge themselves in a bit of culture. So we decided to have a go at starting our own event - and so TVM was born. It was in 2008 we developed our business plan, met with Council to discuss our plans, found a suitable location and then in October of that year the first TVM was held!

Why do you think you have had such great success?

The success of TVM has been largely due to the fact that we are very selective in the type of stalls we accept.We have a set criteria of categories we are looking for and we make sure we stick to them. People love that they can come to TVM for a quality lineup of boutique market stalls with a great positive atmosphere and support really talented local small businesses. The stalls all look great and we are strict on presentation, so the overall vibe of TVM is very professional and appealing to a wide demographic.

We also have a big focus on our online presence, so customers love to be able to connect with TVM every day of the week, not just on market day. The stallholders also really appreciate the exposure they gain, as it extends way beyond just joining the lineup on market day and is very unique to TVM. 

Sarah and I both have a marketing and events background, which has obviously been very helpful also!

Is running TVM a full time job or do you have other projects on the go?

Since expanding TVM to three times per month at two different locations, we now pretty much work on it full-time. We do everything ourselves, from planning, to marketing, admin, design, web, social media. I have two small children (2.5 and 9.5 months) and Sarah does some freelance marketing also.

Do you think that there has been a modern revival in people wanting unique, handmade designs?

Definitely and there has been for sometime. I think people prefer to shop for something unique and not so main stream. I know I like to support local small business where possible and I love finding interesting and different things at TVM for gifts also.

Can you let us in on any local designers to keep an eye on?

Oh goodness I cannot, there are far too many amazing designers at TVM and I can't single out anyone in particular. There really is something for everyone and I encourage everyone to get down to TVM and check it our for themselves – I guarantee you will be so impressed with the talent!!

Any big plans for 2014?

We are always looking forward and planning! x

For market dates and other locations check out the TVM website here

Thanks for reading!

Emma xxx