Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I'm Dreaming of A White Bedroom

I am well and truly pregnant again and my hormones have really started to kick in.

With my first pregnancy, I think my husband was surprised that I didn't turn into a screaming psycho or a blabbering mess (although I remember fogging up my sunnies hearing live "flutes of the andes" type music at a local market???!!!) but what happens to me he dreads just as much - I'm a renovator.

I decided the other day that I needed an all white, simple, scandi inspired bedroom. The fact that I've got three uni assignments due in the next two weeks, that I'm looking after a two year old while hubby works long hours, am trying to keep up with this blog, have caught a change-of-seasons cold, am not getting much sleep, oh yeah, and that I'm four months pregnant and should be getting as much rest as possible with all of the above doesn't factor into the equation. Hormones and logic are total strangers.

I'm not quite ready to reveal but there will be some good before and after posts along with some pretty cool DIY tutorials in the pipeline. You see? I've killed two birds with one stone by creating some fresh content for you guys while keeping my hormones happy. Logical, isn't it.

Here is some of my inspiration....

Emma xxx

simple scandi inspired white and black bedroom with messy crumpled linen bed
via Coco Lapine Design

scandi inspired white bedroom with cross blanket
via The Design Files

scandi inspired white bedroom
Via Bonjour Cherie

black and white photo floor vignette with leather jacket
via Hello Frankie

gorgeous linen textiles - greys and whites in bedroom
via My Ideal Home