Monday, April 28, 2014

Very Special DIY Mothers Day Gift Inspiration for 2014

Mothers Day is fast approaching and what a lovely excuse to create something really personal for that special woman who gave you so many cuddles, made you so many sandwiches and spent so many nights of her life being kept awake by you (and probably still does). Here are some ideas for a creative gift giving this Mothers Day.

Emma xxx

Make your mum a special card and fill it with beautiful words. 

You can check out my DIY sewn card tutorial here and implement the Mothers Day image of your choice. Sometimes words speak much louder than physical gifts, and its a good chance to say thank you and I love you to your mother-dearest.

Create a Photobook Online

I use Snapfish to do mine as the upload process is easy and they have some really fun backgrounds and layouts to work with. You basically drag your favourite photos into little boxes and can add text if you wish. I make my photos look extra snazzy first by editing them with Picmonkey (you can use some of the features for free) but Snapfish also has a really basic editor. You can have the hardcopy posted to your loved one or opt to pick up from Kmart.

Put Together A Hamper

Is your mum a gardener? A foodie? A baker? or does she need a little pampering? This gorgeous gardening hamper was featured at Elizabeth Anne Designs and created for less than $40. I love to source local foodie goodies (it helps that I live in the Byron Bay area) such as coffee, chocolate, chutneys and wines and pop them in a basket; but I think what most mums really deserve is a pamper package - think face mask, body oil, bath salts, loofa and candle. You could even go that step further and make your own bath treats. 

Ditch The Kids/Pamper Session

Grandmothers definitely want to spend Mothers day with the grandkids right? So leave them to it and run away for a day long pamper session and a bottle of sparkling. Just kidding. Ditch the kids with someone else and take your mum out for a pamper session and lunch. Theres nothing quite like mother/daughter bonding while wrapped in mud while someone scrapes the dead skin off your feet. Bliss.