Saturday, June 28, 2014

DIY Crate Bedside Tables for Under $50 a Pair

DIY Crate Bedside Tables for Under $50 a Pair - Chamomile and Peppermint Blog Tutorial

I recently banged together (literally) these gorgeous crate bedside tables from fence palings, a bit of pine, nails and a splash of white paint. Easy peasy DIY with 100% end effect. 

No need to follow my measurements specifically - you can make these to suit whatever size you need - the beauty of them is that they are meant to look rough when finished. You can even use them as storage crates or pile them up to make a bookcase. Be creative - thats the point :) Be warned, I am certainly no chippie, but maybe that will inspire those of you out there who are not either to pick up a hammer and give it a go!

Emma xxx

What You'll Need - 

(for crates to measure approx 60cm (H) x 41cm (W) x 36cm (D))

Materials -

  • Fence palings - Enough to make up 1200cm length of wood. I bought mine from Bunnings for $1.18 per 1.2m long post x 10 - the rougher the wood, the cheaper, and all the better in my book. For further savings, salvage old fence palings.  Total of $11.80
  • 550mm square/rectangular pine to form the corner bracings - I bought 30x12mm pine from Bunnings for approx $20 in total
  • Wood nails - I already had these at home, but they will cost you about $4 for a pac of 120
  • White paint - I already had this at home. Flat white is the best, thinned with water to create a white washed effect
  • Carnauba Wax - I love Gilly Stephensons Carnauba furniture wax for approx $13 for 100g at Bunnings 

Tools - 
  • Circular saw, jigsaw or handsaw - to cut your timber lengths. The former is by far the quickest and easiest if you have one. If you are like me, use a jigsaw which will take a little longer and not be as neat, and If you are old school and have heaps of time on your hands, use a handsaw
  • Electric handsander or sandpaper - to smooth off any rough edges
  • Hammer - for nailin'
  • Measuring tape - yep, for measurin'
  • Paintbrush
  • Rag for polishing


Fence Palings
  • 12 x 64cm lengths
  • 16 x 28cm lengths
Corner Braces
  • 8 x 34cm lengths
  • 4 x 60cm lengths

Here We Go...

1. Cut all your wood to length

2. Divide all wood lengths into two groups - one for each bedside.

DIY Crate Bedside Tables for Under $50 a Pair - Chamomile and Peppermint Blog TutorialDIY Crate Bedside Tables for Under $50 a Pair - Chamomile and Peppermint Blog Tutorial

3. Start by nailing shorter paling lengths to shorter corner braces - top and then bottom. (You will notice that I have used 4 x 28cm lengths for the top, and three for the bottom of my bedsides. I aimed to create these with the least amount of wood possible whilst still making them functional. The top has smaller gaps so that whatever you put on top of them later won't fall through. If you would prefer to make them even, just adjust the amount of wood required.)

4. Nail the longer cross braces to the ends of the shorter cross braces, then nail the longer palings to the shorter corner braces so that they run vertically (it's probably easier to work it out from the pics than my instructions! I think this would confuse me :)

5. Nail the last short paling in the centre of the back to stabilise your crate.

DIY Crate Bedside Tables for Under $50 a Pair - Chamomile and Peppermint Blog Tutorial

6. Get out your sander or sandpaper and round off the edges, smooth out any rough  surfaces or splinters.

DIY Crate Bedside Tables for Under $50 a Pair - Chamomile and Peppermint Blog Tutorial

7. Mix your white paint with a little water to thin it out and then literally slap it on. You want a rough finish. It won't take long for the paint to dry before you can move onto the next step. 

DIY Crate Bedside Tables for Under $50 a Pair - Chamomile and Peppermint Blog Tutorial

8. Lastly you can give it a coat of wax. This will finish it off with a smooth, soft finish and help to protect the wood. Just rub the wax on with an old cloth. (You can spend hours rubbing this wax back with steel wool and other methods to make it really shiny, but I prefer the matte look you get from rubbing on a single coat, plus I'm a little lazy. Google other techniques if you are interested).

DIY Crate Bedside Tables for Under $50 a Pair - Chamomile and Peppermint Blog Tutorial

Voila! You're Done! Now the fun bit - pop them in your bedroom and accessorise!

Check out my recent minimalist monochrome bedroom makeover on a budget complete with crate bedsides to see what I did with my new little beauties.

Get Creative! Its good for the soul.....

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Ammiki and Nobuu Art Prints by Melbourne's Simone Downey

I'm loving these abstract art prints by Melbourne artist Simone Downey. She calls this range "Ammiki" and while I was thinking how lovely these would look in my nursery and doing a little research, I realised that Simone is also the creator of "Nomuu" - a divine range of children's illustrations that she also sells as prints. Now I don't know which ones to go for!

At the wonderful price of $38 for an A3 print, or from $85 for a huge 21" x 28" print (larger than A1) they are an affordable and chic was to scandi-nise your home!

You can find the Ammiki range on Etsy or online
and the Nomuu range on Etsy or online



Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Minimalist Monochrome Bedroom Makeover on a Budget

I recently decided I NEEDED a bedroom makeover. Nesting hormones - love them. I wanted a white space that felt uncluttered and peaceful. Sort of Scandi, minimalist, loft inspired. The walls were already painted in dulux china white, it was mainly the accessories I had to update, and most things I already owned, the rest I did for under $100. I love sleeping in this space now. Removing the head and foot from my bed (handy old jigsaw job) gives an increased feeling of space without having to buy a new bed and the monochrome base feels uncluttered and give rise to small pops of colour without being overwhelming. My fave bit is probably the crate bedside tables I banged up from fence palings that cost me a pretty $15 for two. Tutorial to come. Give me six months and it will probably be different again, but for now, I'm loving it! :)

Emma xxx

Small Pops of Colour and Points of Interest:

A jar painted with pale blue paint holding a $3 cactus and a $10 canvas painted by moi add small pops of colour to the monocrome base. Think outside of the square and use what you have. The curtains were an old sheet cut in half with the edges sewn up. The lamps were a bargain at $10 each on sale at Bunnings. A dark grey jacket hung on the the wall utilises an everyday object as art and ties in with the theme.

Photos as Art:

I played around with some of my photos to create various shades of B&W, sepia and low tone colour. I had them printed at Snapfish Online (with a 40% discount and free postage!) and these four cost about $25 all up. A great way to personalise your artwork and add interest.

Get Handy and Try a Little DIY:

I created these bedsides from fence palings bought from Bunnings ($1.20 each), nails and some white paint. All up they cost me about $15 to make two, and a couple of days work. 

My bed was dated - cherry wood with a large wooden head and foot that I cut of with a jigsaw to create a hidden bed base.

Paper parasols hung from the ceiling (left over from my wedding 3 years ago - $5 each) add texture that mimics the lines in the boards of the ceiling with an interesting contrast of shapes. 


Most of the accessories I already owned. I removed everything from my room and only bought in simple items that would work in with my theme. I did purchase the cushion from Ebay for $10 including postage, and the B&W throw I got on sale from a pop-up linen shop for $16 reduced from  $60! 


I love to create little vignettes - the grouping of things together that in itself provides a point of interest. An old medicine bottle, a photograph, a scented candle, a hat. I aimed to keep it simple, adding small pops of colour to lift the overall monochrome without being too daunting or busy.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

SJ Lingerie Interview and New Website Launch!

One of my fave boutique Aussie lingerie designers has just launched their new website complete with several fresh collections.

SJ Lingerie, previously known as Sally Jones Lingerie, source fabric, silk and lace from France and throughout Europe to create stunning feminine pieces and have relaunched this year with a darker, more sophisticated edge that is simply stunning.

They were kind enough to answer a few questions recently, so if your interest is spiked, jump over to check out the new site and treat yourself to something special.

Emma xxx

SJ Lingerie - The interview....

How did the SJ lingerie story start?
I grew up with a passion for lace and beautifully fine fabrics. My Grandmother was an embroiderer and her eye for colour blending always amazed me. She also inspired me with her love of beautiful negligees and robes. I remember as a very young girl trying them on and dancing around the house in them, dragging behind me on the floor!

Where do you get your inspiration for your creations?
I find inspiration comes from everywhere – it may be a colour I see on a cushion, a picture, something in nature, a beautiful lace or embroidery I find, from the demand of a new fashion trend, or from the desire to try something different.

Can you tell us a little bit about your design process?
Usually a visual image must connect with a fabric, which for me is most often a lace I’ve seen or already have. I can cut and make a quick sample, and then my team and I will discuss all the possibilities for new designs monthly as our design team and manufacturing is all in house. It is a very exciting process, lots of experimenting and combining different laces, fabrics and colours to really capture ideas and bring them to life.

What do you like most about being a designer?
I love building towards 2 main collections per year – it is so exciting showing all our new garments and images to everyone, and getting lots of feedback and reactions.

Why do you think women love to wear nice lingerie?
In the expectation that someone will see it! Plus it must look and feel fabulous.

What sizes do you cater for?
We stock sizes XS – XL which is Australian 8 – 16 in our main SJ Lingerie range. Our Sirens range is also available in XS  -XL but is specifically designed to cater for the DD+ bust.

Where can people find SJ lingerie?
We have customers in nearly every country and we are stocked in boutiques across the world. We have also made the exciting decision to  keep in touch and connect with our customers better through our own online shop which we are expanding and relaunching soon. So for the next few years this is where our focus will be.

What can we expect to see in the coming year from SJ lingerie?
Fashion becomes more risqué and more lingerie like each season, now there are no lines between what is outerwear and what is underwear, so for us our focus will be on ‘Everyday Wear’, making sure we have beautiful garments suitable for morning through to evening, designed to be worn in whatever way our fashion forward customers want to wear them!

This was not a sponsored post.