Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Minimalist Monochrome Bedroom Makeover on a Budget

I recently decided I NEEDED a bedroom makeover. Nesting hormones - love them. I wanted a white space that felt uncluttered and peaceful. Sort of Scandi, minimalist, loft inspired. The walls were already painted in dulux china white, it was mainly the accessories I had to update, and most things I already owned, the rest I did for under $100. I love sleeping in this space now. Removing the head and foot from my bed (handy old jigsaw job) gives an increased feeling of space without having to buy a new bed and the monochrome base feels uncluttered and give rise to small pops of colour without being overwhelming. My fave bit is probably the crate bedside tables I banged up from fence palings that cost me a pretty $15 for two. Tutorial to come. Give me six months and it will probably be different again, but for now, I'm loving it! :)

Emma xxx

Small Pops of Colour and Points of Interest:

A jar painted with pale blue paint holding a $3 cactus and a $10 canvas painted by moi add small pops of colour to the monocrome base. Think outside of the square and use what you have. The curtains were an old sheet cut in half with the edges sewn up. The lamps were a bargain at $10 each on sale at Bunnings. A dark grey jacket hung on the the wall utilises an everyday object as art and ties in with the theme.

Photos as Art:

I played around with some of my photos to create various shades of B&W, sepia and low tone colour. I had them printed at Snapfish Online (with a 40% discount and free postage!) and these four cost about $25 all up. A great way to personalise your artwork and add interest.

Get Handy and Try a Little DIY:

I created these bedsides from fence palings bought from Bunnings ($1.20 each), nails and some white paint. All up they cost me about $15 to make two, and a couple of days work. 

My bed was dated - cherry wood with a large wooden head and foot that I cut of with a jigsaw to create a hidden bed base.

Paper parasols hung from the ceiling (left over from my wedding 3 years ago - $5 each) add texture that mimics the lines in the boards of the ceiling with an interesting contrast of shapes. 


Most of the accessories I already owned. I removed everything from my room and only bought in simple items that would work in with my theme. I did purchase the cushion from Ebay for $10 including postage, and the B&W throw I got on sale from a pop-up linen shop for $16 reduced from  $60! 


I love to create little vignettes - the grouping of things together that in itself provides a point of interest. An old medicine bottle, a photograph, a scented candle, a hat. I aimed to keep it simple, adding small pops of colour to lift the overall monochrome without being too daunting or busy.