Thursday, October 9, 2014

Get summer ready! 4 steps to simple hair care

I have had long hair forever - I avoid hairdressers and have trimmed my own hair for years for fear that "they" will want to chop it all off, all of it. The most outrageous thing I've done was to self-balayage with my sister-in-law a few years back, which pretty much looked the way my hair does anyway, just a little more pronounced.

About 7 months into my recent pregnancy however, I got to the point where you just feel "blah", and my dry, split-end ridden locks were not helping, so on a whim I went to the local hairdressers and asked them to chop it off above the shoulders. "Really?" the young hairdresser asked, "are you sure?" yes, I replied. "Wow, are you nervous?" no, should I be? "have you been thinking about this for ages?" no, I just thought about it this morning, so chop it before I start to have second thoughts! "can I take a before and after shot?" just cut!!!!  It'll grow back...won't it?

And guess what, it wasn't so scary, in fact I felt great! Under those long ratty blonde ends was a thick and health crop of naturally brunette locks that sat beautifully without me having to do anything much except a quick blow dry and a bit of a scrunch. It gave me a lightness in my step and I survived the last couple of months of pregnancy feeling ever so slightly glamourous.

Anyway, determined to keep this head in good condition throughout the summer months, I thought I'd better do a post about summer hair care....

   Emma xxx

Get summer ready! 4 steps to simple hair care

Probably best to do this at the hairdresser, not trying to hold those ends up in the mirror and "hope" for a straight line. Every 6 weeks will keep rattiness at bay.

Get summer ready! 4 steps to simple hair care

I've always struggled with this one. Some make my hair really greasy and heavy, others really dry. I've had to sample heaps and quite often change. I have loads of hair but it is quite thin and flyaway and tangles easily. An intensive repair one usually works best for me, preventing split-ends and keeping me from getting too dry. If you do a lot of styling with heating tools or hairdryers try a heat defence shampoo and conditioner. If you colour your hair, try a colour care shampoo and conditioner. How often? Experiment. I used to wash everyday but found my hair looks better and doesn't dry out as much if I wash every three.

Get summer ready! 4 steps to simple hair care

This not only keeps your hair in good nick, it's also nice to treat yourself to a home spa experience. Run a big bath, pour a glass of wine, light a few candles, pop a mask on your face and another on your hair and voila - self-love ladies and gents. You could even try a leave-in conditioner or hair oil if you need that little bit extra.

Get summer ready! 4 steps to simple hair care

Coming into summer, we expose our hair to the elements and sun and salt can be a little nasty. Add a hair straightener and dryer into the mix and you're back to square one. There are plenty of products geared to summer protection or to prevent dry out from those do-without tools to tide you through to winter. Make sure you rinse out the saltwater asap after a dip in the ocean to keep nice and shiny.

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