Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Lovely Locks - A collection of hairstyle tutorials

Sometimes I get so bored of my same old trio of hairstyles - bun, ponytail, hair down, repeat...thank goodness for a little pinspiration! Here's a collection of some great hairstyle tutorials found on Pinterest that I've traced back to their awesome origins so that you can create and explore!  You can follow my Pinterest "hair" board for more.

Emma xxx

The Beauty Department

This is why I love Pinterest - find an image you love, trace it back to its source and discover an amazing blog. The Beauty Department not only has awesome hair tutorials like the one above, but also great easy-to-follow make-up tutorials. You can follow them on Pinterest here for a direct dose of goodies.

Vecko Revyn

Now this tutorial is sourced from the blog of the Swedish magazine, Vecko Revyn, that bought out its first issue back in 1935! The blog is written entirely in Swedish, but luckily there are some great picture tutorials like the one featured above, so if your Swedish is not up to scratch, it shouldn't really matter, you'll still have pretty hair.

A Beautiful Mess

This has been one of my fave blogs for DIY inspiration for a long time. Not only do these gals know how to put the power tools and paintbrushes to use, they are also pretty good at being pretty and sharing their how-do's for up-do's with their readers. This one is the double waterfall twist

Yet Another Beauty Site

As the name suggests, Yet Another Beauty Site has loads of hair and beauty tips, as well as some really great unpretentious fashion tips. Beautifully presented with content that actually works. Also on Pinterest here.

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