Monday, April 13, 2015

Three Of The Most Chilled Road Trip Destinations On The East Coast Of Australia

Australia - land of many roads. 913,000 Kms of roads to be precise, also boasting the longest national highway in the world. The thing is, in a country this big, we can't avoid driving big distances to get where we want to go, in fact we've made it one of our favourite pastimes. The great aussie road trip - the ultimate playlist, passing the big banana, the big prawn, the big guitar, all the other big things, stopping at a servo to grab some local avos, stopping for a swim in the ocean, sunnies on, windows down, the more K's the better. Am I making you want to grab your keys and head into the sunset?

My husband has a saying handed down from generations of farming men (that I cannot believe I am repeating here) - "a hundred miles of bad road" referring to a bloke in a not-so-great relationship with a not-so-great woman. Nice analogy, huh? Truth be told though, you don't have to drive on bad road these days to get away.

Here are three of my top picks from the East Coast of our sunburnt land, not only for the drive, but also for the amazing destination, the journeys end. Actually, all three of these are places where you are not that far off the beaten track but somehow feel that you have stepped back in time, to somewhere magical where you could easily be lost from the rest of the world. All have plenty of open water and not an awful lot of anything else. They are places to swim and feast and sleep, to turn off you phone and rejuvenate.

1770 / Agnes Waters, QLD 

Yes, there is a town here called 1770, or Seventeen Seventy if you prefer, named so due to Captain James Cook's landing at this point in this year - an imaginative crew they must have been, good with words. 1.5hrs North of Bundaburg and 1.5h south of Gladstone, set onto a gorgeous little peninsular of land on the coast of Queensland it is the closest access point to the southern Great Barrier Reef and the northern most surf beach on the east coast. Stunning azure waters, amazing fresh seafood and beautiful aussie bushland with gums on the sands edge. Visit "The Tree" at 1770 for an icy cold pale ale and a view to die for, Kahunas at Agnes Waters for the most amazing scallop pizzas and hire a tinny from the Marina Cafe to explore the inlets of 1770 in style.

North Stradbroke Island, QLD

This place is bizarre in that it is so close to the city of Brisbane, and yet when you drive off the car ferry onto "Straddie" you get a taste of what the land was like before the city existed. Don't get me wrong, you drive off onto tarred road which winds through three little "towns" on the protected western side of the Island, no 4WD required unless you want to head down the amazing stretches of sand on the eastern side. There is a very comforatble pub at Point Lookout with killer views, your choice of coffee shops and some great accommodation and even better camping sites, but there is a magical feeling about the bushland here and the beyond beautiful little coves and beaches. If you are lucky you might even spot a Dugong in the waters between Straddie and the mainland.

Wooli, NSW

Located in the beautiful Yuraygir National Park, on the Clarence Coast, Wooli is CHILLED. This place is a beach holiday destination that feels like stepping back 50 years in time. Another peninsular of land (I see a recurring pattern here) you can get an old beach shack either looking at the ocean or the creek for next to nothing. There is pretty much nothing to do here, and that is the point. Throw in a line, read a book, walk on the beach, that about sums it up. Phone reception is poor, bring your coffee machine if you like an espresso in the morning, lets your kids ride their bikes in the street. Love it.

This post was inspired by Land Rover.